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Natural parks, mountains, beaches and forests. There is no shortage of options for nature tours! From the north to the south of the country and especially on the islands, it is possible to enjoy the best of nature and relax.

nature tours


A Balloon ride is a unique experience, something in a lifetime, that allows you to enjoy unbelievable landscapes. During the slow flight, you will have a different perspective of the country, feeling on the top of the world. Take your camera and capture sights that you will never forget.


Portugal is one of the best European countries to do birdwatching because it has an excellent concentration of different habitats. On these nature tours, either mainland or the islands, you will have the opportunity to enjoy breathtaking landscapes while following the flight of birds across a blue sky.

Boat tours

We are a country of sailors, so the close connection with the sea is a relevant part of our history. That reason, along with a long coastline, is why boat tours are a must in Portugal. From sailing trips to pirate ships, there are several options that you can include in your vacation itinerary.


If you are looking for emotion and adrenaline, this is the right nature tours for you. With the guidance of experts, you will explore rivers and waterfalls, overcoming obstacles, being surprised by new and unexpected situations. You will find these experiences on the mainland but especially on the islands.


Coasteering is an exciting adventure activity that involves progressing along the coast through rocks and the sea, using swimming, climbing, jumping, and walking. You will walk through the high cliffs overlooking the blue waters of the Atlantic and breathtaking views.


For all fishing lovers both in freshwater and in the sea, Portugal has a long coastline and a countless number of small fishing villages. For many Portuguese, fishing is the household income, so it is easy to find this type of experience in many regions, especially in the Algarve regions and in islands.


Geotourism is a type of tourism that has been gaining more and more fans, especially among those who like to take vacations discovering local customs and walk enjoying nature. It is a new form of sustainable tourism, promoting geodiversity and the geological heritage of the territory.

Helicopter Tours

Perfect for honeymoons or celebration trips, a helicopter ride is a must-do for those looking for the icing on the top! Flying over the cities of Oporto and Lisbon or even along the Douro river, it is an experience that you will never forget. Make all moments count and luxuriously spurge yourself.

Hiking Tours

The beautiful land of Portugal, with breathtaking landscapes and precious fauna and flora, offers the perfect conditions to hike. Imposing mountains, vast plains, and islands, oases of calm and tranquility in the middle of the Atlantic, with lush vegetation, extinct volcanoes, and caves full of natural sculptures.

Horse Riding

Horseback riding is an incredible experience. Walking through the dunes, until you reach the sea, at the sound of the waves, on horseback, it is as idyllic as it looks. The feeling of peace combined with communion with nature is overwhelming, and we feel like freezing that moment so that we never have to return.


Kayaking allows you to discover landscapes that are often inaccessible from land. You will easily access the calm of nature, surrounded by the soft sound of the water, and you will be amazed by this new perspective, as the land is gorgeous seen from the ocean. It is an experience that you will never forget!


For those looking for a fun activity, this is the answer! You can easily access places in nature, explore the ocean, go where you have never been without having to get too far from the shore! This sense of freedom and discovery is inspiring and allows you to connect with nature.

River cruise

Portugal has a lot of rivers, over 50, but the most famous ones are the Douro river and the Tejo (Tagus) river. Both bathe the biggest cities in the country, so it is easy to understand the allure of taking a river cruise. The perspective of each city from the river is unforgettable!

Surf lesson

The Portuguese coast has good waves throughout the year, so surfing in Portugal is something that can be done either in the Winter or Summer. There are two towns very famous for surfing: Nazaré, with the big waves, and Ericeira, the 2nd World Surfing Reserve and 1st in Europe.

Whale and Dolphin watching

If you like this type of nature tours, you must go to the Azores islands! The Azores are an archipelago of nine islands of pure nature and one of the largest whale sanctuaries in the world. On the mainland, in the Algarve and Setúbal, you can also take a boat tour to see dolphins.

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